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Artistic nickname: Zamir Abbud
Date of birth: 30-August-1983
City: Buenos Aires
City of birth:
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Zamir Abbud: The difference that makes a difference

" Cherish your vision; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, if you remain true to them, your world will at last be built."
James Allen

With this extraordinary James Allen phrase, Zamir Abbud defines exactly how he feels about his life, his music.
Born in Argentina and turkish descendant, Zamir Abbud has led a remarkable life, always trying to get through hard times and fighting for his dream to become true.
Zamir started singing when he was just only five years old. His colourful, delicated, strong voice expresses LIFE in all its meaning. If you need to tranquilize yourself, don´t hestitate to listen to his music. He touches everybody´s soul, and invite you to fly directly to a deep world full of emotions.
When he was fifteen, he had a band called " Soul Brothers ". They used to sing gospel and soul music.
Zamir sang covers and his own songs, too.

In 2001, he participated singing in many events, doing his best in many Buenos Aires stages. He used to sing covers from Harlem Gospel Singers, The Drifters, Golden Gate Quartet, and artists like Mariah Carey, George Michael, Tony Bennet, Freddie Mercury. In the same year, he became part of a models agency called RV Models where he took acting lessons, singing lessons and modeling lessons.

On June, 15th 2002, was held a Popstars call at Club Hipico Argentino, where attended over 4000 young people to compete and become artists. There, Zamir auditioned with his song ( his first song was called " Desilusión de amor ", lyrics and music composed by him ) and two Alicia Keys covers ( Fallin´ and Never felt this way ).He passed the casting test, to the second instance evaluation. He didn´t feel comfortable with those auditions, because he knew his music and voice was so different to what they were looking for. So, he decided to leave because of familiar problems and because he wasn´t happy there.In the meanwhile, he decided to continue studying English so hard ( he studied English at Cambridge Institute since he was 6 ), so that, he would be able to improve the songs he sang.

Spiritual Life and Music
Zamir Abbud always was a very spiritual person. Since he was a child he percived everything happened for a reason. He showed a very mature mind at a young age.Between 2003 and 2005, Zamir spent many hours trying to find the answers to his spiritual questions. He studied a lot about it and made a distance course dicted by The ASPR ( The American society for Psychical Research ). He said " Angels and spirits where my friends. As a Medium, I knew they were there for me. When I sang I felt connected to them, and it´s still like that. I strongly believe we are not alone in this world. Parralel to our world, there´s something else that we can´t see, but if you look so hard enough you will percive the energy I´m talking about. It´s on you if you want to discover what´s ahead for you in that spiritual world." "...as Plotinus said: we are not seperate from spirit, we are in it."During those years, his music style changed from gospel and soul music to experimental, alternative, ambient, and atmospheric music.

Zamir´s breakdown and voice rest
In 2006, some health problems, did not allow him to continue singing. He got depressed, and thought his life was fading. Zamir needed a long rest. He stopped singing from 2006 to 2010. During that time he decided to leave singing . He worked as a teacher of english in private schools and important Argentinian companies, as an administrative in many american companies. He worked as a psychic on his own, and for american companies too.

The lost strength would be recovered over the years, making it a "tool" to mend the broken pieces of his heart, and show him, and show you, LIFE MUST GO ON.

The rebirth
In 2011, zamir woke up from a nightmare and realised he needed the music again in his life. He started working on demos, and mixing his voice with some other artists music, too.
He said "... 2011 is the year where I have to find myself again. I am ready to be back, and still fighting for my dream to become true. I need to feel connected with my voice again...I´m on that hard process. I´m sure I will find the strength I have lost. I promise myself I will make it!... ", " ... I don´t want to be famous, I just want to share what my voice can do in this new phase of my life. If people feel they can fly when I sing, I´m done. I want to transmit peace and faith through my songs... I don´t want to be an example of anything, but I would love people worth the precious gift The Universe gave us: Life..."

In the same year, he had a proposal to record his first international cd, but something went wrong with the producer who made that proposal. Even though, things went wrong, he felt 2011 was his rebirth year. He learnt a lot about people, and life.

Nowadays, he lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina... working so hard and waiting...for his dream to become true...

" My soul wants to speak singing all those songs that make me feel free. Are you ready to hear it? I´m singing to you, can you feel it ? Let my voice make you fly... "
Zamir Abbud

Participation in competitions:
Hard Rock Cafe Buenos Aires 2012
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